Hello! My name is Andy Cheng and I am a hobbyist photographer. Nature photography, particularly birds, is my main photographic interest. I have been big on nature appreciation since the days I worked as a conservation officer with the Worldwide Fund for Nature (“WWF”) right after university. It was there that I had the good fortune of being placed under the supervision of Dr Geoffrey Davison, a well-known avian specialist with several books to his credit. Geoff shared his knowledge and keen observations generously. He would ask probing questions that got one thinking critically and this was perhaps the best tutelage I received from him.

In the WWF office, there was a resident photographer and a photo stock library. I recall immersing myself in the huge collection of flora and fauna photographs. At that time, as much as I wanted to capture photos such as the ones I admired, expensive camera equipment was simply out of my reach. And so, a pair of binoculars had to suffice.

After my time at WWF, years passed as the challenges of raising a family and crafting a career in finance relegated wildlife-related activities to the weekend walks or hikes. Photography was mainly about chasing after my two little boys to get a good shot or trying to coax a smile out of them every now and then! It was not until a family holiday to Angkor Wat that I realized how much I really wanted to take good pictures when presented with the awesome beauty that light creates. That started me off on a series of DSLR camera and lens acquisitions. Bird photography then took centre stage when a friend and colleague who had also just rekindled his passion for photography suggested I join him. On our first birding trip outside of Singapore, we headed to Parit Jawa and Sungai Balang in Johor. The moment I got a shot of a black-shouldered kite, especially in flight, I was hooked!

Thank you for visiting this site and i hope you will come back often to browse my latest blog posts and pictures!

Andy's birding setup