Sustenance: Rice Fields of Perlis

Sustenance: Rice Fields Of Perlis

Pictures and Text by Andy Cheng

Perlis is a small state that lies in the northern tip of Peninsula Malaysia. Fields of rice paddy cover the land, interspersed by outcrops of limestone hills. A stroll in the paddy fields uncover the richness of the land and the sustenance it offers to those who need and appreciate it.

Tree sillhoute 2

A lone tree at the edge of a paddy plot is silhouetted by the first rays of the day.

Paddy backlight 1

Young paddy plants striving for sunlight.

Girl with paddy

A young girl pitches in to help her father and mother plant paddy.

Paddy pattern

Planting pattern

Paddy field path

A path cuts across a bed of rice paddy

Willow tree 1

In the shade of a willow tree

Rice stalk

Ripening paddy


Wildflowers add colour to the green landscape


Posing for a portrait

Paddyfield Pipit

A Paddyfield Pipit

Egret in flight

Egrets and herons feed in the paddy fields during the day and nest in the trees at night

Lone Pacific Swallow on a perch

A Pacific Swallow ponders its next move as the day draws to a close. These birds can be seen moving in pairs, so perhaps this bird was waiting for its partner



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