Black-and-yellow broadbill

Black-and-yellow broadbill

Black-and-yellow broadbill

The broadbills are colourful, attractive birds. After having photographed the silver-breasted broadbill in Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia, I was very excited to have had the chance to shoot this black-and-yellow broadbill at the fringes of the Endau Rompin National Park in Malaysia.

A tradition lives on

Visited Kuala Sepetang (formerly known as Port Weld) in the state of Perak, Malaysia and dropped in at the charcoal factory. Charcoal is still manufactured using traditional clay kilns where wood from the nearby production mangrove forest is fed into the kilns and left to dry for about a month.


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Feeding time

This Lineated barbet chick waits for its mother to feed it. Nature’s game of chance – how many of such chicks survive?

lineated barbet chick wm for web lineated barbet wm for web

An Unexpected Shot

I was enjoying a cup of tea with my wife at the Botanic Gardens one morning amidst a heavy torrential downpour. I had my camera and macro lens with me, intending to make some macro shots if the weather turned kinder. As the rain lightened to a drizzle, some movements in the trees in front of us caught my eye. I caught a glance of a little bird with some red coloration on it. Instinctively, I grabbed my camera and tried to get as close as possible to the bird. With a macro lens, there simply was not going to be enough reach to really pull the bird in. The lack of decent light was another challenge. Nevertheless, I fired off a few shots as the bird flitted from one branch to another. This bird turned out to be a crimson sunbird. What a nice surprise on a wet and grey morning!

Crimson Sunbird 3 Wmarked

Coppersmith Barbet

I brought my son for a walk in the Chinese Garden one weekend and was thrilled to find several Coppersmith Barbets feeding on a fruiting tree. I had carried the Canon 300mm 2.8 IS with me and happily clicked away. In order to get more reach, I used the 2x extender. This combination gave me the mobility that was critical in getting into a good position to shoot these birds.

Coppersmith Barbet Wmarked


Beautiful Broadbill

I have been wanting to photograph the Silver-breasted Broadbill for some time and finally managed to make some pictures of these beautiful birds in Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia. Isn’t it amazing that nature bestowed the female with a charasteristic white necklace?

Silver-breasted Broadbill Female Wmarked Silver-breasted Broadbill Male wmarked

Parit Jawa 7 September 2013

It was high tide when we arrived in Parit Jawa at dawn. A slight drizzle caused some concern but fortunately the skies held up. Although overcast, there was decent enough light to hope for some action shots. And the birds did not disappoint.

A few white-bellied sea eagles were busy hunting, circling overhead and making the occasional dives to swoop on their catch of the day. The Lesser Adjutants and Grey Herons were also active this morning.

White-bellied sea eagle fishing wmark

grey heron pair dancing wmark

Common redshank threesome in flight wmarked

Common redshank flock 1 wmarked

Sea Fig

The Sea Fig (ficus superba) is one of the heritage trees of Singapore. This one in the photo below stands in a parking lot at the Bedok Road food centre. The enormous sinewy trunk is a sight to behold and it is no wonder that the fig tree is treated with religious reverence in certain societies in Asia.

Sea Fig 1 BW

Sea Fig – ficus superba

Sea Fig 4 BW